GamesDawn of Ages: Medieval Games (Early Access)

Dawn of Ages: Medieval Games (Early Access)

Game overview

Write your empire's saga in medieval history by building a castle, leading a customizable army, and conquering hostile civilizations in brutal mass battles.

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Unleash the glory of your realm on the pages of history by emerging victorious in battles in Dawn Of Ages, a medieval strategy game. Uphold the heritage of your ancestors by constructing a castle and upgrading your military with authentic armaments from the medieval era. Be wary of hostile civilizations and engage in monumental battles to follow the course of history.

Experience the thrill of medieval warfare by partaking in brutal fights against an array of weapons and strategies. Take part in historical campaigns against ancient empires or pit your army against other players in PvP wars. Bask in sweet victory and gather riches and rewards, and watch your empire blossom.

Equip your battle groups with over 100 gear pieces, including shields, weapons, and armor that offer unique advantages and disadvantages. Utilize strategic planning by assigning targets to maximize your troop's attack capabilities and timing your commander's strikes for optimal efficiency. Utilize the spoils of war to prepare for the next battle.

Assemble and expand your civilization from a mere city to a fortified castle that can withstand enemy attacks. Ensure you have sufficient resources by recruiting townsmen to staff buildings and expand your settlement into a thriving medieval city. The city will grow along with your military might, allowing you to train more soldiers and build better weapons. Observe your civilization's evolution as it moves through the time periods and emerges victoriously.

Immerse yourself in a medieval simulation where every item, including swords and armor, is modeled after its real-world counterpart. Dawn of Ages provides a gameplay experience that is parallel to leading strategy games, where challenges from medieval battles and city management must be surmounted to maintain a military rise. Its straightforward interface allows for quick gameplay, or delve deeper for complex strategies.

Join the Dawn of Ages community on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Discord to connect with other players, share armor and weapons, castles, and revel in the supremacy of your civilization. Be a part of the game's development by getting yourself involved in the gaming community.
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