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Lead commander and woman warrior join forces to gather allies and defeat snow monster armies in a high-stakes battle.

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Meet Ervin - the expert commander of the northern land of Grindavik, who is acclaimed as the finest knight in these parts.
Emperor Emeris has received intelligence of the impending snow monster invasion, and he foresees a massive combat on the horizon. He knows full well that his army alone cannot hope to defeat these monsters, and hence, he appeals to other kingdoms for support.
One such ally is Terrisa var Emeris, who is a valiant woman warrior in her own right. She decides to accompany Ervin on his mission to gather more allies for the war against the snow monsters.
As they journey through their quest, they face some of these snow monsters, who are age-old creatures, born out of a mix of powerful sorcery and untested magic that date back to the earlier era of heroes. These beasts have now broken free from captivity and instilled fear among the populace, becoming a threat to all living creatures.
Ervin and his team embark upon an arduous journey, kingdom by kingdom, to persuade the other rulers to join forces with them in their fight against the dreaded white monsters and their ghastly army of wights.
Asif Baig
Release date
Aug 06, 2019
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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