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Game overview

Survive a plane crash in an eerie forest, gather resources, repair your plane and escape in "Dark Forest Survivor".

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Step into an enthralling adventure into the heart of the unknown with the game "Dark Forest Survivor." Shaken by a traumatic plane accident, you must fight to survive in a haunting forest. Traversing through the mysterious landscape, search for valuable resources and erect a safe retreat, all while facing the reality that the darkness is not just a danger but a deadly entity that looms at every turn.

Your chief objective is to repair your partially destroyed plane and depart from the unforgiving woodland. Every move you make, whether it be gathering supplies, reinforcing your shelter, or improving your own abilities, can change the balance between living and succumbing to the unending night.

In the midst of the omnipresent darkness, sources of light are your hope of survival, repelling the unyielding obscurity that desires your demise. Your shelter isn't just a refuge, it is evidence of your indomitable passion to conquer the unfamiliar.

Challenge yourself with the intricate difficulties of "Dark Forest Survivor" as you develop your survival expertise and boost your skill set. Will you be able to overcome the perilous forest, mend your plane, and become the valiant conqueror of this enigmatic journey? The fate of your success summons you from the depths of the dark forest.
Release date
Oct 05, 2023
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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