Dark Fear

Dark Fear

A Majothi
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Game overview

Solve puzzles and gain allies while fighting foes to uncover the truth in this immersive 2D RPG-adventure horror game.

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**WARNING: This game showcases scary scenes which may be disturbing for some players!**

**GAME RATINGS: Toucharcade - 90 / Gamezebo - 90/ Appgamer -100**

NB: If the game stalls on the blacksmith stage, it could be due to insufficient resources on your device. Try to close all background apps and free up storage space before rebooting your device. This helps to overcome the issue.

For an exceptional gaming experience, we recommend that you play Dark Fear on an iPad with a decent pair of headphones.


You find yourself in complete darkness, with no awareness of who you are, where you are or how you got there. Explore and discover the truth in this intriguing game!

Dark Fear is a unique game that delivers an intense and terrifying experience with a combination of RPG and adventure game mechanics. It has an immersive cinematic soundtrack and a sinister story written by a former film industry professional. The 2D graphics style is similar to classic PC games from the 80s but offers a modern touch. The game's simplistic approach allows even the most casual gamers to play and enjoy its complex layers of game mechanics.

Travel through different terrains such as forests, mountains, lakes, and deserts. Find allies in the nearby village, upgrade your gear, go hunting/fishing and fight your way to the truth by defeating your enemies, solving puzzles, and assisting the locals in their dilemmas.


- A combination of adventure and RPG game mechanics
- Classic visuals of the 80s style on PCs
- Cinematic soundtrack composed by movie industry experts
- A captivating storyline


"Dark Fear is a captivating game that leaves you in suspense from beginning to end" - AppGamer - 100%

"Dark Fear surpasses many horror games released today with its simple 'cabin in the woods' setting" - TouchArcade - 90%

"Dark Fear is not something you often see in other games, and its gloomy atmosphere and tense mood guarantee that you'll be even more captivated by what unfolds" - Gamezebo - 90%

"Prepare to be haunted, adventure game fans" - 148 Apps - 80%

"Absolutely outstanding!" - AppSpy

"A smart and engaging adventure that appeals to classic horror fans" - JayIsGames
A Majothi
Release date
Nov 13, 2015
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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