GamesDark Disciples

Game overview

Join the chaos in Dark Disciples OS, a dark world filled with plagues and murder. Choose your class and conquer your fears in this thrilling adventure.

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■Minimum Requirements:
- Android 7.0 (Nougat) and a minimum of 2GB RAM
■Languages Available
- English and Simplified Chinese
■Contact Information
- Stay up-to-date with the latest news and event info, and communicate with fellow players and developers by following us on social media.
■Game Overview
The third millennium of this world is plagued with chaos and devastation. Plagues, sacrifices, and murders are common occurrences. Laughter is a rarity, and the dark sea of thoughts can easily drag one in by the throat. Life and death have never been so intertwined. The ominous message, "You are all sacrifices," hangs heavy in the minds of all. No one knows who decides who lives and who dies.
Hello, Deathless. Regardless of whether you are a soldier, bounty hunter, or wandering mage, you have a long and treacherous path ahead. Your journey through the darkness will be fraught with trials and tribulations. The question is, will you succumb to the darkness, or do you possess the fortitude to see this adventure through to the end?
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