Dad and Me: Super Daddy Punch Hero

Dad and Me: Super Daddy Punch Hero

Zheng Hongli
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Game overview

Play the classic arcade game Dad and Me on mobile! Use joystick and punch buttons to team up with your son and cause mayhem in rage mode.

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Experience the nostalgia of your childhood with the classic arcade game Dad and Me now available on mobile devices. The game has been ported but has kept everything authentic to the original version. In addition, a joystick and punch buttons have been added to enhance the gaming experience. Get ready to have fun and be a real hero for your child by punching your way through the game.

For those unfamiliar with Dad and Me, it's a must-try arcade fighting game. You and your superhero father will need to work together to cause as much destruction as possible. Get ready to enjoy a day with your dad and beat other children into submission.

Playing Dad and Me on mobile is easy. You will have joystick controls to move your character, and two buttons: one to beat up your opponents and another to throw a punch. Combining your moves will allow you to create combo attacks, and once your rage slot has been filled, you will unleash a brand new set of moves that will deal even more damage in rage mode.

It's important to note that we did not create Dad and Me. It was originally developed as a brawler/fighting game by Tom Fulp and Dan Paladin back in 2005. Our game is simply a port of the original.

Get ready to enjoy a classic arcade game full of memories and great animations. Experience punch combos like never before, and join the ranks of superhero dads by playing Dad and Me.
Zheng Hongli
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