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Cyber Tank: Last Survivor

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Customize your tank and combine skills in Cyber Tank: Last Survivor, an action-packed post-apocalyptic Android mobile game. Free to play.

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Introducing "Cyber Tank: Last Survivor," an exceptional Android game with extraordinary 3D graphics and a captivating environment of a post-apocalyptic world. You will be in control of a durable tank, the only one left in a world that has been shattered by catastrophic events. Your objective will be to rescue humanity and lead them towards safety.

Get ready to delve into the pulse-pounding gameplay of "Cyber Tank: Last Survivor" as you maneuver through the dangerous terrains of the post-apocalyptic era. Your tank serves more than just a means of transportation. Customize and upgrade your tank with a vast range of equipment choices so you can increase its power and survivability as per your preference.

But the real essence of "Cyber Tank: Last Survivor" lies in your ability to blend skills seamlessly. This paves the way for diverse strategies at every fight, making each battle unique in its own way.

Assume the role of the last survivor in "Cyber Tank: Last Survivor" and undertake an epic mission to salvage the remains of the world. Overcome challenges and adversaries that will test your tactical prowess and strategic thinking while traversing through an ice age-ravaged world.

You must create a flawless tank and draw upon your skills to emerge victoriously. The game features breathtaking gameplay, stunning visuals, and a seamless balance of action, strategy, and customization, standing as a testament to the human spirit's resilience in a time of adversity.

Join the ranks of the brave in "Cyber Tank: Last Survivor," become the last survivor, and prove your worth in this post-apocalyptic world. Best of all, the game is free to play!
Release date
Aug 22, 2023
Single player



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