Cyber​​ Honey

Cyber​​ Honey

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Game overview

Dramatic girls RPG with voice actress idol auditions and turn-based battles. Also featuring unique weapons and characters.

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As of now, you can obtain a ☆5 weapon and 10,000 diamonds (with 35 free gacha draws)! Additionally, with up to 20 retries on the gacha draw, rerolling is not necessary. Obtain the latest skin for your main hero and more lavish rewards with the login bonus!

Presenting the first-ever smartphone game that combines the concept of "voice actor idol," "audition," and "game" - a dramatic beauty girl RPG!

This game employs 20 voice actors who have emerged victorious from the audition held on live streaming media. From these voice actors, five are selected to sing the theme song through another audition. The song production will be done by Katsuhiko Sugiyama, the winner of the Record Award Composition Award, and more official game commentary and live streaming by these voice actors will be held during the audition period! Discover and support your favorite voice actor!

The 20 selected voice actors from the audition held on SHOWROOM, mysta, LINE LIVE, ミクチャ, CHEERZ, REALITY, and トモダチクエスト become the main heroes with the help of whom you complete several challenges and get to know the game's story.

The voice actors that were selected from the game's audition will sing the music produced by Katsuhiko Sugiyama, the winner of the Record Award Composition Award! You will decide the voice of your favorite hero. You can feel the voice actor's personal growth and cheering song alongside you. More details will be provided on the official social media account.

The live streaming and game streaming of voice actors who applied for the audition as "Cyber Honey Official" will take place and you will be able to see the daily life of these beauty girl heroes! Discover and support your favorite voice actor and hero to become the center!

Beautiful girl heroes who are depicted in a vivid and detailed way will continue to thrive in this sophisticated graphics game! Get different heroes with unique characteristics and playstyle as you advance through the game!

Take the turn-based tactics approach to battle and eliminate your enemy! Use your heroes' skills by moving them along the grid and attack your foes! The game has a simple upgrade system that allows you to easily customize your hero to your liking. The game also comes with an auto-battle and a double-speed battle feature for people who don't excel at games!

If you obtain a hero's exclusive weapon, the locked hero becomes available to you. Each hero has a unique weapon and improves by equipping them. You can challenge various levels of difficulty to get your hero's exclusive weapon.

The major bosses can have destructible parts. Destroy specific parts to get special weapons and rare equipment materials!

This game, titled "Senjo Monogatari: Valkyrie Hero Saga," is based on the game that was originally offered, but the concept was altered to "voice actor idol × audition × game" by our company and is being released anew!

Recommended device:
Android 4.1 and above.
*Please note that we cannot provide support or compensation for devices that are not recommended for use. Thank you for your understanding.
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