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Game overview

Join Om Nom, Nibble Nom and the Nommies in a physics-based adventure full of cute monsters and challenging puzzles. Become the Ultimate Explorer!

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Embark on an extraordinary journey with the lovable Om Nom and his adorable companion Nibble Nom to traverse unknown territories! Set off on this thrilling expedition with an aged map, uncovering incredible discoveries and conquering challenging conundrums across stunning locations. Solve each puzzle to unveil new breeds of Nommies and earn the title of the Ultimate Explorer.

FOR ENTHUSIASTS OF PHYSICS-BASED ENTERTAINMENT: Satisfy your cravings with all the classic Cut the Rope features and an abundance of fresh characteristics that are sure to captivate you!

FOR FANS OF ADVENTURES: Wander through breathtaking landscapes and singular levels that will test your cognitive abilities, while striving to amass as many brilliant stars as possible!

FOR ADMIRES OF ADORABLE MONSTERS: Om Nom, the world's finest, cutest monster, the cute and competitive Nibble Nom, and an abundance of affectionate Nommies to collect!

The latest addition to the world-renowned Cut the Rope family transports players into an immersive and colorful universe. The key to journeying is to reunite the anxious Nibble Nom with Om Nom, but how? Objects in each stage will provide assistance, but only if you are smart enough to use them. Determine the solution and embark on this exhilarating adventure today!
Release date
Oct 13, 2023
Single player

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