Cursed Labyrinth

Cursed Labyrinth

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Game overview

Use cursed magic cards to battle unique creatures in a dark dungeon. Build your deck and develop skills to defeat the dungeon master.

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Find yourself trapped in a cursed area with no hope of escape, as you explore the pitch-black forest, darkened plains, and endless labyrinths. Only by mastering the art of spellcasting can you hope to become an unbeatable sorcerer, capable of combatting the dungeon master who imprisoned you.

Welcome to a new kind of hack-and-slash card game, where the cards themselves contain powerful spells that you can use to defeat enemies and survive the cursed dungeon. Use the card combine system to improve your chances of success, and hone your strategic skills as you climb the ranks of the cursed dungeon. But be warned – one misstep could end in instant death, so choose your moves wisely.

Your journey through the cursed labyrinth will be full of fascinating challenges as you encounter unique enemies and creatures who will try to stop you at every turn. Defeat them to gain new cards and money, which you can use to create your own personalized deck. With the freedom to choose and create your own strategies, you can fight your way out of the labyrinth and break the curse.

As you progress, you will gain experience and the opportunity to develop new skills, gradually becoming stronger and better able to face more dangerous foes. Enlarge your vitality and enhance your curse magic to unleash more powerful attacks, and work towards obtaining job skills that will give you an even greater advantage.

The creator of this game was inspired by beloved classics such as You-Gi-Oh and Rogue-like card games like Slay The Spire, as well as hack-and-slash mobile games. It's a game that's sure to keep you engaged, and there's always room for improvement, so the creator welcomes feedback and review.

Finally, if you're interested in game development, there is a website called "Unity Introductory Forest" that offers game development tutorials in addition to this exciting card battle game. The creator hopes to inspire and encourage budding game developers to bring their own ideas to life.
Release date
Oct 09, 2022

Gameplay & Streams

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