Cult Summoner: RPG Summoning

Cult Summoner: RPG Summoning

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Game overview

Cult Summoner: a chilling roguelike autobattler. Unleash an unstoppable army of eerie creatures, amass experience points, and dominate the harrowing summoners war.

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Enter the spine-tingling world of Cult Summoner, a haunting roguelike autobattler game that will give you goosebumps. Lead an army of eerie creatures and test your tactical skills to dominate the summoners war.

Experience an unprecedented adventure as you unite with other players, unleashing a powerful army of grotesque beings to conquer the nightmarish summoners war.

Summoning is the key to success in Cult Summoner. In this realm of forbidden rituals, you will witness your creatures transform into even more abominable entities as you merge them into more sinister and resilient beings.

Prepare for bone-chilling battles as you carefully select and merge your army. Combat in Cult Summoner is a haunting spectacle, driven by your strategic prowess and selection of the most menacing creatures.

Reach higher levels by amassing experience points to unlock the unholy powers of your summoning hero. Ascend to new levels and gain access to even more diabolical creatures, making you practically invincible.

Cult Summoner offers a rich variety of summonable creatures, from cute to creepy, that cater to every player's play style and preferences. These creatures are categorized into different elements, each with unique strengths and weaknesses, adding depth and complexity to this epic summoners war.

With an ever-expanding roster of characters for the summoners war, Cult Summoner provides a unique and evolving experience for players. Try out various party compositions, experiment with new strategies, and summon your mightiest creatures to forge an epic army.

Through challenging summoning mechanics, innovative merging system, and striking creepy-cute design, Cult Summoner delivers a thrilling and immersive experience for all enthusiasts of roguelike strategy games with a summoning twist. Will you become the revered champion of the summoners war? Join Cult Summoner now and find out!
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Gameplay & Streams

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