Cubic Castles

Game overview

Build castles and explore worlds with friends in the free sandbox MMO game Cubic Castles. Shop, dress up, and sell items as you gain levels!

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Cubic Castles is an exciting sandbox MMO that is perfect for avid builders. With this open-world game, you can build anything from houses to mini castles or even participate in various building contests. It is an online game that can be played with players from all over the world, and you have full control over the 3D camera so that you can see precisely what you're building.

One of the best features of Cubic Castles is the ability to customize your character with different items, clothes, and outfits. It is an ever-evolving game that receives frequent updates, which include new cars, pets, and more. You can create your realm or castle and add furniture and other decorations.

With the inclusion of pets, the game gets even better. They can follow you around and keep you company or feast them while you build fantastic realms. What's more, you can even sell your creations for a profit or participate in various free contests, craft items, or compete in parkour games with friends.

While you start alone in your realm, you can quickly make new friends, and explore new areas or help your current friends. Cubic Castles is a perfect social game.

With nearly a million downloads to date, Cubic Castles is one of the best building MMO games out there! It is a creative game that lets you build anything you can think of, and the best part is that it is a free game with no hidden costs. Join the adventure and explore the possibilities that Cubic Castles has to offer.
Cosmic Cow
Release date
Nov 25, 2014

Gameplay & Streams

Noob to Pro Ep. 1 - Starting Off (Cubic Castles/ CC
Cubic Castles Adventure Mode Speedrun | 27:05 (World Record)Giannis G
Cubic Castles Old vs NewCubic CC
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