Cagri Gecin
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Game overview

Help Kira and his teddy bear solve puzzles to escape the dark, gothic world of Cubesc. 60 levels of minimalist design and stunning 3D visuals.

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Get ready for a spine-chilling yet thrilling adventure as you face your worst nightmares alongside Kira and his trusty teddy bear. Together, you will solve complex puzzles and find a way out of this eerie dilemma.

Guide Kira through his dark world, explore secret passages and use his wit to defeat the haunting darkness.

Experience the thrill as the levels of the game transform and mislead you with its dynamic nature. Indulge in the fun puzzle-solving activity and witness the interaction of Kira with his world.

Cubesc introduces a unique and stunningly-designed, minimalist puzzle format with 3D visuals that will leave you mesmerized. The game boasts a selection of distinctive tunes and soundscapes, providing an unparalleled experience for gamers.


ā— Over 60 challenging levels to conquer

ā— Gothic-inspired concept for the daring

ā— Meticulously crafted minimalist puzzle game

ā— Several hours of engaging gameplay

ā— Captivating graphics to compliment the game's environment
Cagri Gecin
Release date
Mar 13, 2018
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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