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CubeCraft is a multi-faceted adventure game that combines resource collecting, time management, crafting, farming, and fighting in a world-building simulator.

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Are you searching for an entertaining game that combines resource collecting and time management with action and adventure? Look no further than CubeCraft! This game provides a unique and thrilling experience that encompasses all aspects of world-building simulation. You can gather resources, build various types of structures, explore diverse and intriguing environments, and even engage in combat, all while riding on the back of a pig! (Don't worry about the sheep; they're good for wool and provide a fun obstacle to navigate.)


CubeCraft's simplistic mechanics and signature design make it a nostalgic and engaging experience for players of all ages. If you're looking for a game that combines exhilarating adventures in time-management, crafting, farming, and fighting, then CubeCraft is the perfect world for you to explore.

🟩 Mine and manufacture: Collect an assortment of various block-shaped resources, such as wood, stone, clay, and wool, to get started on building your incredible crafting empire.

🟩 Develop your skills: Raw materials are only good for constructing basic structures at the beginning of the game. To progress to larger projects, you'll need to establish factories to craft advanced building materials like bricks, boards, and shingles.

🟩 Expand your workforce: At times, overseeing multiple resource collections and manufacturing facilities can be quite challenging. Have no fear; you can hire laborers like lumberjacks, miners, farmers, and stone masons to help.

🟩 Reap the rewards: What should you do with the blocks of resources you don't need for crafting or building? Sell them to merchants in-game and earn currency. Use that currency to upgrade your skills and those of your employees, such as carrying capacity, faster movements and crafting times, and other helpful skill sets.

🟩 Start anew: CubeCraft offers a range of mining and crafting experiences. Build up every enterprise for crafting to complete significant construction schemes, then move to another level and start all over again in another world like a desert, a forest, or even underwater. Don't worry; you'll maintain the skill upgrades you earn.

🟩 Combat: If you ever find crafting and construction boring, don't fret. CubeCraft's world has more to offer than that. Get ready to fight off zombies and monsters to keep them from terrorizing your land and taking your resources.

Are you prepared for a new venture? Then download CubeCraft and be ready to construct, craft, and explore (and ride pigs)!

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Aug 04, 2022

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