Game overview

Collect crystals while dodging enemies and obstacles. Use items to enhance abilities. Defeat enemies to unlock crystals.

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■Gameplay Controls
Leap button
The player can make their character jump. The main game screen may also feature the menu and title screen.

Strike button
The player can attack foes and obstacles in the game by pressing this button.

Rush button
The player can make the game screen rush forward when they acquire certain items.

Guard button
The game screen is shielded, enabling the player to withstand enemy attacks with no damage. However, the player's movement speed is reduced when the button is pressed.

Reset button
The game screen will reposition to start afresh.

Left stick
Control the character and move it around the play area.

Menu button
Open the game's menu screen from within the game screen.

◆ Objectives
The main objective of the game is to collect the crystals that are placed throughout the stages.

[Game screen]

HP ・ ・ ・ The player character has three lives. One life is lost if they come into contact with damage-causing obstacles, enemies, or fall of the stage platform. If all three lives are lost, the player respawns back at the stage's initial location.

[Menu screen]
 Resume playing the game.
 Return to the starting point of the current stage.
Back to Title
 Return to the title screen.

Press the L button to reveal hints on the location of obstacles and crystals within the stage.

[Title screen]
Use the left and right buttons to select the stage.
Press the B button to commence playing the stage.

◆ Item Features

Perform a double jump to reach higher platforms.

Sprint and jump in the air after sprinting.

◆ Obstacle Features
A key for revealing crystals and obstacles. There are multiple rubies on each stage.

A device that boosts the player's jump power. Additionally, there is a three-step spring.

The player can defeat enemies by attacking them. Some types revive after a certain period of time. The other type that does not respawn is essential for revealing crystals and other obstacles.

[Tips for Successful Gameplay]
・ Falling from a high platform will result in damage.
・ Make sure to collect all items.
・ Gather all rubies.
-Defeat all non-respawning enemies to reveal crystals.
・ By dashing through the air, the player can perform aerial jumps.
Release date
Jan 22, 2022
Single player


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