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Crowntakers - The Ultimate Strategy RPG

Game overview

Save the king in this turn-based strategy RPG. Procedural maps, unique skills, and diverse environments add replay value. Highly recommended.

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The peace of the once peaceful territory is shaken by the abduction of the king, and a rousing adventure awaits as you, specifically chosen by the king, set out on a mission to rescue him from the evil duke. Time is of the essence in this game, and each battle is turn-based on a hexagonal battlefield, where strategic planning is key, and the game is rebuilt every time with different environments and encounters.

With over four different and procedural environments, Crowntakers is a mission to hire nine individual mercenaries to take on the bandits, wildlife, and malevolent knights. Unique class skills of the archer, wizard, scout, and others must be carefully paired for success. Resources can be gathered, companions can be leveled-up, and mighty equipment can be collected during this mission, along with the opportunity for alternative endings.

Media reviews of Crowntakers have been very positive, with one reviewer stating that it "strikes a really good balance between simplicity and complexity," while another describes it as "a tough combination of turn-based strategy and Roguelike." Users have awarded the game with a 5-star rating, reminiscing how it is worth the money, polished and tactical, while navigable map exploration is streamlined and fun. Highly recommended for rogue-like fans as the battles are very tactical, presenting a nice challenge on normal mode, with good replay value. Get ready to save the king in this epic game!
Release date
Mar 31, 2015


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