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CrisisX - Your Last Survival

Game overview

Survive the post-apocalyptic wasteland by fighting zombies and mutants, and building alliances in this open-world game. Uncover the truth behind the virus outbreak in Crisis X.

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In the midst of a terrible and enigmatic virus pandemy, the world has turned into an apocalyptic wasteland with mutants and zombies lurking all around. Families have been separated and civilization collapsed leaving humanity to its own fate. Your only chance of survival is to take the matter in your own hands and embark on this unforgiving journey!

In "CrisisX", the world is yours to explore! Create and customize your avatar, and venture into an enormous and fascinating environment that features one of the largest maps ever developed. Face unexpected and dangerous situations in various locations, from cities and bunkers teeming with the living dead, to cold and dark forests in the highlands. The game is designed to realistically depict climates and landscapes in North America, offering you a great variety of weather and time zones.

But surviving in this post-apocalyptic world is no simple task. You must test your skills and prove your strength by finding food and water and collecting rare materials left behind by the civilization that used to thrive. Hunt, gather, mine, and fish to survive, and craft and build your own shelter to withstand enemy attacks. Only the strongest and most resourceful of survivors can thrive and become the ruler of this fallen continent.

Your enemies are not just the living dead, but also the human players who are trying to survive just like you. Fight off mutated zombies and monsters, and guard yourself against other survivalists who might turn out to be foes rather than allies. Join forces with other living survivors, build a community, and fight against enemy attacks together. In this unforgiving world, you must always keep your guard high.

But the true objective of your journey is to uncover the mystery behind the disaster that shattered humanity. Solve puzzles and riddles, and complete different tasks to expose the hidden truth of the fallen world. Who knows, perhaps you will also discover the whereabouts of your missing family members.

The fate of humanity rest in your hands in "CrisisX"! Download and survive!
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