Crisis: S

Crisis: S

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In C.E 2048, become a mercenary upgrading with cybernetic enhancements to save humanity and dominate evil in Grovia, teaming up with allies and amazing weapons.

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In the year C.E 2048, Grovia is plagued with nightly losses and dangers. In this city, unconventional methods are used to treat people, including those meant for mice. As a new member of the Crow, you have been assigned the task of rescuing a slum. Your actions will determine the fate of humanity - will you fight to save them, battle against a massive army, or rule over the evil world?

In this game, you will become a fantasypunk, an urban mercenary with cybernetic enhancements that will help you rise to legendary status on the streets of Grovia. Take advantage of fantastic gear, dynamic abilities, and powerful firearms and blades to significantly increase your combat power.

Choose whether to make friends or foes and fight alongside them or against them in epic battles against millions of players from around the globe. You have the freedom to customize your character to your liking, with a high degree of freedom customization options available to you.

In this immersive world with the best 3D graphics on mobile, you'll have access to diverse life content, such as choosing your destiny romance. You'll also be in charge of your own base, managing and expanding the Crow.

Will you be the one to bring salvation to this dangerous world? The choice is yours to make.
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