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Crime Kings

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Build a crime empire by gathering heroes from 6 different factions, expanding your base, and controlling the city while competing with other players globally in this Gangster game.

Step into the underworld and climb your way to the top of the criminal food chain in your city. Recruit the deadliest and most powerful heroes from six different factions and take down the old mafia to establish your own order and reign supreme in the city. Show off your criminal prowess and take on other players to assert your power, seize resources, and earn a reputation as the most dangerous crime boss in the game. Explore the diverse and unique Gang cultures of different countries and regions, including Mafia, Yakuza, Narcos, and more while recruiting heroes, each with their own background history, weapons, and skills. Expand your base and dominate the city, unlocking additional functions and events to help your family stand out as the most influential and powerful faction in the world. With the ability to accumulate resources and wealth while you study or work, your heroes will become stronger, gaining powerful new skills to tackle new challenges with ease. Engage in bloody street fights, take on dangerous missions, and control the arm trade to establish your crime empire without having to grind. Expand your capacity by hiring secretaries with varying degrees of education, interests, fashion, and figures, which will help you expand the family. You can play games, date and flirt with them every day. Compete with players around the world and build alliances with those around you to create a formidable team of heroes while taking on dangerous opponents to become the unique Crime King of kings. As Pablo Escobar said in Narcos, "Geniuses are always branded as crazy," and in this game, you can prove yourself to be the genius among all the crazy crime bosses out there.
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