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Play Cribbage online or offline, track your lifetime points, and earn achievements while using the built-in calculator for easy scoring.

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Indulge in the thrilling card game of Cribbage, which is also referred to as Crib, Cribble, and Noddy by players all around the globe. In this two-player game, you play and group cards together to gain points. Various unique components that distinguish it from other games include the cribbage board employed for scorekeeping, the box, or kitty, the separate hand counting for the dealer, distinct scoring stages such as the play and the show, with aces being played low. Plus, it has a scoring method that awards points for card groupings that amount to fifteen (15).

If your wooden Cribbage pegging board is missing, then don't worry because this Cribbage mobile app allows you to enjoy this classic game anywhere, anytime. Play it online or offline, as you wish! Moreover, the playing cards are extra large to ensure that even Grandpa can play his favorite board game with ease. The app comes with a built-in calculator that automatically keeps track of all scores, thereby eliminating the need for Muggins or Shotgun Cribbage.

Ready to outsmart your family as you engage in one of the most popular card games that have been around since the 17th century? With the Cribbage rules built-in, learning how to play Cribbage/Cribble has never been easier. Become a pro by starting with the easy level and gradually going up to the Crazy Ninja level. The app ensures that all your stats, such as your hand, crib, pegging average, maximum, and lifetime point totals, are tracked.

And there's more – numerous achievements await your mastery of the game. Have you been able to assemble the perfect hand with a flush, pair, three of a kind, 15, and super combos? Get on board and find out. Cribbage stands out among the likes of Speed, Nertz, Canasta, Pinochle, Solitaire Showdown, Backgammon, and Gin Rummy with its use of the cribbage pegboard. Enjoy a multiplayer head-to-head battle with players from different regions for free and experience a new level of excitement.
JD Software LLC
Release date
Mar 21, 2018
Single player

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