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Test robots in dangerous arenas, reach finish line and upgrade in "World Mode". Run infinitely in "Endless Mode". 5 robots to unlock and upgrade.

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Get ready to take charge of the latest range of automated machines and put their combat abilities, flexibility, and perseverance to the test in a variety of battling fields that are jam-packed with hazardous traps, hurdles, and adversaries.

In this mode, your primary objective is to get to the final mark before your battery runs out. At the completion of each level, you will receive extra credits depending on how precisely you perform, how much time you take to complete the level, how many stars you earned, etc.

With 25 levels in each of the game's three worlds, the final stage of each chapter is a colossal boss battle.

The aim of this mode is to run as far as possible before your energy runs out. As you progress in "World Mode," more challenges and hurdles will be added to the Endless Mode.

Crashbots comprises of five distinct robots. You can unlock the robots by gathering all the specific parts, some of which are given as a reward for fulfilling missions or hidden in various levels. Additionally, you can enhance your robots by augmenting their weapon arsenal, armor and battery reserves. Remember that, Lower-end devices will perform better if the "High Quality" feature is disabled in the settings.
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