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Revolutionize puzzle gaming with "Crash Fever!" Tap panels to shatter and experience the ultimate "feel good" pop RPG. Ready to play?

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Revolutionizing the world of puzzles with an RPG twist, comes the exciting game "Crash Fever"! Experience the ultimate revolutionary RPG game with easy-to-use and highly addictive gameplay. Enjoy the pinnacle of over 13 million downloads worldwide of puzzle games!

【Features of Crash Fever】

◇ Break panels with a single tap! Experience the thrill!◇

With the simple tap of a button, experience the ultimate thrill as you destroy panel after panel in the game. The battle system features various systems such as the flashy Crash Skill and the high-reward Fever System, all of which add to the excitement of the game.

◇ Whimsical virtual world theme with positive design ◇

The game is set in a virtual world with rounded designs and imageries that emphasize a floating and immersive feel, all on a white background. This promotes an entirely new image of a bright and positive virtual world, adding to the thrill and excitement.

◇ "Feel the thrill!" Four-person coop mode ◇

Connect with your friends and engage in cooperative battles with up to four players. By communicating and strategizing together, you can amplify the fun and excitement of the game four-fold!

◇ Cute and easy communication with stamp chat ◇

Communicate with your friends and allies using the stamp chat feature. These simple yet cute stamps allow you to easily and quickly connect with your unknown allies. Enjoy a fun and friendly adventure together!

◇Recommended for people who... ◇

• love RPG games

• are tired of conventional puzzle games

• want to enjoy puzzle RPGs

• are interested in interesting social games and collab events

• want to experience the unique world of Crash Fever

• want to feel the refreshing excitement of puzzle games

• want to find a free puzzle game with refreshing appeal

• want to take a refreshing break in between housework or learning

• want to experience an easy-to-use and refreshing puzzle RPG

• enjoy games that stimulate the mind, like puzzle games

• want to enjoy both RPG and puzzle gameplay

• want to enjoy RPG games on their smartphone

• want to draw cute and cool characters through rare gacha

• want to acquire cool monsters to overcome tough bosses

• enjoy nurturing cute characters

• want to enjoy social gaming with friends

• want to enjoy cooperative multiplayer with different users

【Worldview of Crash Fever】

─The Queen

Lost control suddenly one day.

Yes, we have all relied too much on her.

Now the virtual world is shrouded in chaos.

The future is now in your hands.

Let's go!

With your fingertips, bet your existence.
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