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Game overview

Craft of Survival: Immortal Gladiators & Last Grim Adventure is a 3D multiplayer roguelike where players build and survive against a horde of enemies.

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Craft of Survival - Immortal Gladiators & Last Grim Adventure is a thrilling mobile experience that immerses players in a world of dark fantasy and abandoned wastelands. This free-to-play roguelike game challenges you to survive in a treacherous realm that's home to zombies, bandits, frost monsters, and other deadly enemies.

Enter a world filled with heroic deeds, dangerous quests, and mysterious locations like the Arena and the Rift. As a survivor, you must explore the Shattered Coast frontier and uncover the secrets of the Rift. Exciting battles lie ahead as you face off against a wide range of creatures in dozens of in-game locales. You can even coop with friends to take down powerful bosses in online raids.

The dynamic multiplayer storyline path lets you take control of different playable races as you set out to conquer the Shattered Coast frontier. Whether you're a warrior, sorcerer, or exile, you'll have to build and craft your way to victory. With a dynamic no-target combat system and a wealth of crafting options, every battle presents a new challenge.

But the dangers of this grim world don't end there. As you explore Frost Wasteland and Dark Forest, you'll discover that every path and every action can lead to new challenges, quests, and rewards. Surviving in this unforgiving multiplayer world takes priority, so be sure to build a sturdy settlement and recruit wise mages, cunning inventors, and strong soul war heroes to help you along the way.

With challenging battles, an immersive storyline, and endless opportunities for coop gameplay, Craft of Survival - Immortal Gladiators & Last Grim Adventure is the mobile roguelike game you've been waiting for. Participate in the beta test today and get ready for launch day, where special rewards await you. But remember, this action RPG is not for offline play!
Release date
Mar 04, 2022

Gameplay & Streams

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