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Craft Factory Simulator 3d

Game overview

Craft Factory Simulator 3d is a 3D first-person simulator where you search, mine and craft resources to build your own automation empire.

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Immerse yourself in the world of automation and production with Craft Factory Simulator 3d - an engaging 3D first-person simulator. Boasting stunning graphics, this game offers a unique crafting production and factory-building experience. Your mission is to gather and mine a plethora of resources, including coal, iron, copper, and stone, among others, which you will use to fashion new materials and construct your own factory.

You can expand your empire by creating new Mines, Smelters, and Constructors and automating your factory with help from conveyors, as this is a Factory Simulator 3d, after all. Drawing inspiration from popular games like Satisfactory and Factorio, Craft Factory Simulator 3d employs a first-person camera simulation and construction mechanics from Satisfactory, as well as coal mining and utilization from Factorio in the form of energy for buildings.

As you make progress, you will obtain new building and resource blueprints by completing tasks and earn the opportunity to construct colossal structures akin to those in Satisfactory. With your own self-sufficient production on your phone, you can connect power lines between your buildings to further improve your output.

It's important to note that Craft Factory Simulator 3d is not a clone of Satisfactory or any other famous games; the developer only took inspiration from these titles to create a unique experience. The game is being developed by one person and is still in progress. Please direct any bug and error reports to
Volihan Games
Release date
Jun 16, 2023
Single player

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