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Take over your family's ranch, herd cattle, upgrade your land, and protect it in a multiplayer Old West universe.

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In this multiplayer game, you find yourself in a difficult situation as your respected father passes away unexpectedly, leaving you and your family in charge of the ranch. Your task is to rebuild and expand your family business by focusing on DECISION-MAKING and INVESTMENT in your ranch. You need to take on several CHALLENGES such as herding and safeguarding the cattle in an unforgiving western environment.

To succeed, you need to IMPROVE and ENHANCE your ranch facilities. Develop your operations, build new infrastructure, and handle financial obstacles to achieve success. As a rancher, you need to excel in your LASSO and MARKSMANSHIP skills. You rely on your proficiency in these two areas to protect your cattle from predators and other threats.

Furthermore, you must work closely with local sheriffs to MAINTAIN LAW and ORDER in the town, and track down and CAPTURE BANDITS that are causing havoc. The sheriff will need your help several times to get their hands on notorious criminals in the area. However, you need to understand the significant trade-offs when taking on such responsibilities.

Be sure to INSTALL the game now for an unforgettable western-themed gaming experience, where you will improve your decision-making, investment, and survival skills while facing realistic challenges. So, put your LASSO to the test by catching bandits and protect your business, and remember to keep your SHOOTING skills sharp at all times!
Release date
Mar 28, 2022

Gameplay & Streams

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