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CounterSide" is a post-apocalyptic mobile game with elaborate plot, hundreds of anime-style heroines, and fast-paced combat. Lead a private company battling invasion forces and manage your team.

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未來戰 Future Warfare" is a next-generation mobile game that blends strategy and nurturing gameplay in a sci-fi, post-apocalyptic setting with a touch of urban flair. Players will have the opportunity to collect more than 100 anime-style female characters known as "punishers" in this game. The game’s bold graphic style features intense battle aesthetics, making it a must-have for gamers who love anime and enjoy exciting combat.

"When survival becomes a competition, the battle to change the future begins." In this game, the world inhabited by humans is known as the Normal Side (real world), while the world inhabited by the Erosion Body is known as the CounterSide (different world). The two worlds sometimes overlap, causing "erosion." The Erosion Body is typically portrayed as a demon or monster and possesses extraordinary abilities that make them hostile to humanity. The punishers are the humans' defenders and possess various abilities such as superstrength and the ability to generate lightning using their hands.

In this game, players can enjoy exploring and utilizing the various ships and advanced weaponry left behind by the "Management Bureau," which is controlled by the punishers based on years of research. The game’s storytelling is exceptional, with over 400,000 words in the main storyline to explore. Players will experience a changing lineup of characters as they progress through the story.

In Future Warfare, characters in battle can perform multiple actions, along with soldiers and tank battalions, as they face waves of alien attacks in various combat scenarios. Players can take advantage of each character's unique characteristics and positioning on the battlefield to gain an advantage. Each punisher in the game has a unique and spectacular special move that showcases their fighting prowess and character.

In this game, players will assume the role of a private company owner who leads a group of punishers and
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