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Counter Shot: Source

Game overview

Counter Shot: Source is a mobile shooter game with diverse locations, 8 game modes, customization options, and a supportive community.

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Counter Shot: Source is a classic mobile shooter game that features a variety of interesting game modes and settings. The simple yet engaging gameplay allows players to enjoy the game while also improving their skills to achieve high scores.

The game offers an extensive selection of 8 game modes that ensure players never get bored, and the various server settings provide a unique experience. These settings allow players to make the game easier for novices, challenge professionals, or just have some fun.

Customization options allow players to truly make the game their own. They can draw and upload their own skins for weapons, use their own sprays that other players can see, add their own music at the end of each round, and customize their crosshairs to their liking.

Join our official community to find instructions on how to create YOUR OWN MAP for the game. If the map is of good quality, it can be added to the OFFICIAL LIST OF MAPS that any player can enjoy.

Meet new people and join clans to challenge other players and climb to the top of the rankings.

Enjoy the game and share your experience with our project. Our responsive community and support are always available to help with any problems, and players can leave their feedback and ideas on our VKontakte page.

The project is still in development, so support us and we will continue to provide you with new updates!
Release date
Sep 17, 2022
Single player