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Contraband Police Mobile

Contraband Police Mobile

Release date: TBA

Game overview

As a border inspector in a communist country, detect smugglers and verify documents. Grow your workplace, earn more and move up the hierarchy.

Get ready to step into a time machine and travel back in time to a communist nation during the 1980s. As a border control inspector, your responsibilities are to curb smuggling activities and detect any abnormalities. Your primary job is to ensure that all documents are in order, as even the tiniest inaccuracy can result in travelers being denied entry. It's your job to keep a sharp eye out for smugglers, who will go to extreme lengths to avoid detection. You'll need to use a UV flashlight to examine vehicles and shipped goods thoroughly, as contraband could be hidden anywhere. If you catch anyone trying to smuggle illicit goods, they'll face the long arm of the law and be promptly arrested. To maximize your efficiency, you must manage your workspace carefully. With careful oversight, you can expand your team's capabilities and boost your productivity by improving your buildings and tools. Use your income to invest in your workplace's infrastructure and achieve greater success. As you progress, you'll earn more riches and experience and rise through the ranks of the organization's hierarchy. With hard work and dedication, you can help restore this post to its former glory.
PlayWay SA
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Single player


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