Triennale Milano
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Five experimental indie video games available over 3 months featuring imaginative interactive narratives, puzzles, and exploration.

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The Game Collection Volume 2 is a virtual exhibit of unique video games designed by five prestigious independent game designers for the 23rd International Exhibition of Triennale Milano. This collection features experimental approaches to interaction from these artists. The lineup includes Optillusion, Fern Ramallo, Nina Freeman, Akwasi Bediako Afrane, and Llaura McGee / Dreamfeel. For three months, every two weeks, a new game will appear in the Collection. These games provide self-contained interactive narratives, exploration, and puzzles. Pietro Righi Riva, an Italian game designer, curates the Collection, and the virtual space for the exhibition is produced by Santa Ragione, an Italian game studio that developed the popular App Store game FOTONICA.

Optillusion's WADE is the first game in this Collection. In this game, the player takes a stroll beside a vast river that flows into the underworld. As the player moves further down the path, the visual elements transform, and the player may come across strange or fascinating phenomena. Fern Ramallo's We Are Poems, coming on July 29th, takes the player on an expedition through deep space's queerest locations. The living beings in this universe float and move in an outburst of brilliant light, embracing emptiness as an environment to flourish.

Nina Freeman’s Nonno’s Legend is scheduled for August 26th, and it revolves around imagery of places never seen. Nina’s grandfather teaches her the incredible power of a globe and ways to reshape the Earth’s curvature. The next game, MINE by Akwasi Bediako Afrane, is set for September 16th. It is a first-person game that brings the player into an open pit mine and focuses on the hazy link between raw materials and the artificial environments we populate.

Lastly, Llaura McGee / Dreamfeel’s Contact is due on September 30th and is a game centered on exploring identity and seeking knowledge of life in the universe. Players communicate with on-screen interfaces to interpret and comprehend the signals coming from outer space.
Triennale Milano
Release date
Jun 28, 2022
Single player


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