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Join Conquistodoro on his journey through the world of the dead in a thrilling point-and-click adventure, filled with challenges, puzzles, cool artwork, and animations.

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Step into an adrenaline-pumping point-and-click adventure with Conquistodoro, game that reminds us of Mashinarium. Enter a wondrous realm brimming with mystifying quests, intricate riddles, and daunting obstacles that will test your wits. Get absorbed in the game's captivating storyline, replete with eye-catching visuals, comical animations, and a lot more. Get your hands on the game as soon as possible and immerse yourself in its electrifying atmosphere!

Savor the thrills of conquering the world of the dead with Conquistadorio, an exciting game that takes you on a singularly unique journey. As a bandit, you face the challenge of procuring a coffin for yourself on account of being thrust out of your old one. You traverse the land with guidance from benevolent spirits, combating numerous hardships in your quest to obtain a distinctive goblet that can be used to revive the zombies resting within the tombs. Once you succeed in this task, you can join your comrades and prepare for a rousing bout against the formidable boss beetle. With its stunning graphics, vivid animations, and soul-stirring music, Conquistadorio will take your breath away. Help our intrepid bandit find his way back and become a part of his spellbinding odyssey!

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Morion Studio
Release date
Jul 07, 2023
Single player

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