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3D MMORPG based on Jin Yong's martial arts epic, featuring original storylines, recruit characters & classic martial arts system. Competitive PK style.

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Step into the world of martial arts with 《Condor Heroes》, an immersive 3D MMORPG Mobile Game that boasts its competitive PK system as its core feature. Adapted from the legendary martial arts masterpiece of Jin Yong, the game offers a complete restoration of the original novel plot, letting players fully experience the epic tale of valor, friendship, and love.

Experience the thrill of not only engaging in cool fights in the game but also immersing yourself in the complete novel story. The game highly restores the original storylines, allowing players to relive the adventures of the protagonists.

Recruit characters from the original book and make friends along the way as you interact with other players from all around the world. Characters, both minor and major ones can be recruited for your use, making your game experience even more exhilarating.

Powered by the second-generation Era engine developed by Perfect World, the game features smooth and realistic changes in the environment such as day and night shifts and climate change, making the world of martial arts come to life.

Experience the freedom of setting up your martial arts with the game's professional martial arts system. Players are free to choose from dozens of classic martial arts available in Jin Yong's novels. With two modes of practice, Outer Strength and Inner Strength, players can combine over a dozen outer and inner skills to create more than 100 combo skills.

Take the fighting style to a whole new level with the ACT control mode that highlights the ACT combo into the combat system, creating a unique new MMORPG fighting style.

Join the adventure now by visiting 《Condor Heroes》' Facebook fan page at or reach the game's custom service at
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