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#コンパス - Action-packed 3on3 online fighting game featuring heroes and customizable decks, with stunning artwork by popular creators and voice actors.

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Discover a new and exciting experience with easy and fun 3-on-3 online battles! Take control of your hero, race across the 3D field, join forces with your allies and aim for the ultimate victory!

Build your own unique deck of heroes and cards by evolving them! This game has amazing creator and renowned voice actor participation. Some famous vocal artists have lent their voices for the characters and accomplished illustrators and music producers have created some of the thrilling heroes.

Your ultimate goal is to reach the summit of this game's battle SNS while communicating with fellow players and enjoying this immersive online world. Players can chat, share their tips and tricks or just support those who are still learning. Join the community and be a part of something much greater than just a game!

If you enjoy team battles, action-packed co-op sessions, or challenging PvP battles with others or against yourself, #Compass is undoubtedly an app you will enjoy playing. For fans of Anime, Vocaloid and the hugely popular mass media phenomenon of collaborative events, this game is a must play.

You can enjoy this fabulous app game for free! There are several paid-for in-game items, so have a look at a license agreement before playing. Play arts Corp. and DWANGO Co., Ltd. Bring you connpass【戦闘摂理解析システム】, the best multiplayer game in town that you won't want to miss!
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