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Commander Keen reboot: card strategy meets platforming. Play as genius twins Billy and Billie, battle enemies, build decks, and climb to the top.

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Commander Keen has made a comeback for the new generation and it is a mix of real-time PVP, deck building, and card gameplay with mobile-first platforming. Choose to play as Billy or Billie, the twin child geniuses of the first Commander Keen and battle your enemies and friends in outer space!

This exciting action game is all about racing to the top of alien worlds while fighting against other players, overcoming challenges and devouring monsters to gain ranks. Equip yourself with homemade and wacky gadgets like the Raygun or Portable Hole and establish a lead that your competitors can never catch up to.

Engage in helmet-2-helmet PVP combat, blast, zap, teleport and freeze your opponents while fighting your way to the top. Commander Keen is all about kicking some asteroid, so why not download it today?

Get ready for unprecedented gameplay, which combines card strategy with platformer action, and make use of your collection of rocket-rigged cards and unique hero power to crush your cretins. Build your deck by collecting cards and upgrading them to enhance your performance. Create your perfect deck and battle using hundreds of cards and combinations, always ensure that you have the right strategy in place to guarantee success.

Face off against your friends (or enemies) in exhilarating PvP matches while securing your rank as the top Commander. Unlock new and outrageous gadgets while justifying sick burns. Enjoy quick and fun gameplay at any time, anywhere you want with Commander Keen on mobile devices.

Experience the nostalgia of Saturday mornings with its retro-style animation that will transport you back in time. It's almost like you can taste the marshmallows in the cereal bowl from when you were a kid. Blast aliens, build decks, and fight for ultimate victory in Commander Keen - reliving the glory of your childhood with a rebooted twist!
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