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Command & Conquer: Legions

Release date: TBA

Game overview

Save humanity and conquer the Tiberium World in Command & Conquer: Legions. Recruit classic units, customize your own mech, and unleash devastating superweapons to dominate the battlefield.

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Welcome back to Command & Conquer: Legions! Prepare yourself to enter a universe where the CABAL, an AI entity, unleashes a new cybernetic assault on humanity following the Third Tiberium War. Meanwhile, the Scrin, an alien race, wait in the shadows for the right time to seize control of the Tiberium, the powerful and dangerous celestial substance that can bring either great prosperity or utter devastation. In the face of these threats, the Nod and GDI, who had long-standing conflicts, are compelled to unite for the greater good. However, internal conflicts can still arise at any moment.

As the player, you take on the role of a seasoned commander entrusted with safeguarding humanity and defending Earth. Your mission is more than just survival and following orders, it's time to embark on a path of total conquest!

In this game, you are plunged into the Tiberium world where factions are fighting for control, seeking to harness the substance's potential for world dominance. Recruit classic units, such as Commando, Mastodon, Thunderhead, and Mammoth Tank and upgrade them to mold your forces into unstoppable war machines.

You will also have access to powerful assault walkers that can be customized and commanded on exhilarating missions, unleashing devastating power on the battlefield. But the true game-changer is the ability to change the course of war with superweapons. Use the Weather Control Device to unleash lightning storms on your enemies, or take over the Nuclear Missile Silo to launch devastating nuclear missiles. With the fate of the Tiberium world in your hands, your choices will determine the ultimate outcome.

Stay in touch with other players through Facebook, Discord, Twitter, and YouTube. Terms of service and privacy and cookie policy are also available on the Command & Conquer: Legions website. Join the battle and become the ultimate commander!
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