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Combo Koala - Battle Checkers": a puzzle RPG with checkers-style gameplay, epic combos, abilities, and boss battles. Play as a Koala warrior fighting deadly ninjas.

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Introducing Combo Koala - Battle Checkers, an original hybrid of checkers and action-packed RPG puzzle game. The game offers an entirely new type of game mechanic, which is engaging, tactical yet user-friendly. Boasting a blend of Checkers gameplay with explosive combat, you can leap over your opponent, unleashing fierce attacks, combining moves for devastating combos and finishing it off with powerful special moves!

Get thrilled by the game's storyline. Be the brave hero as a Koala warrior, defending your kingdom against deadly ninja attacks that threaten your homeland. Attempt different levels with varying stages that will challenge you to strategize and use your abilities to attain the level requirements.

Engage in the game's exceptional gameplay that mixes the traditional Checkers game with exciting puzzle-based RPG action. Additionally, the game comes with numerous types of enemies, each having their unique attacks; hence, you need to use different abilities to gain an advantage in the field of battle.

Furthermore, the game possesses thrilling boss battles that will poke and prod your fighting will. Stay alive any way possible with useful items that can support you in life and death situations.

Make way for an unforgettable experience with Combo Koala - Battle Checkers. It's an entirely new concept that has never been seen before, polished with engaging characters breathtaking visuals, and tasteful sound-effects that will leave you yearning for more!
Release date
Oct 25, 2023
Single player

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