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Escape grandma's house & solve puzzles in COLINA: Legacy. Survive horror with terrifying situations & challenging puzzles. Join Alex, but beware of the unknown.

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The recipient of the Best "Let's Play" Dreamhack Atlanta 2018 award has culminated in a captivating indie horror game called COLINA: Legacy. The game begins with the protagonist, Alex, who wakes up in his grandmother's house and realizes that he is left all by himself. He senses a presence which confounds him and now he must make a dash for his survival before he loses not just his sanity but his life in the process.

The game has a thrilling narrative as you would accompany Alex, who is grappling with the psychological anguish brought about by the unknown. The game underscores Alex using his astute intelligence to surmount the challenging puzzles that await him in his grandma's house. The game has a firm grip on the horror and psychological thriller genre immersion that is sure to keep you on edge.

COLINA: Legacy's gameplay draws inspiration from the old-school survival horror games and thus uses the flashlight as your weapon, for which you have to skillfully operate in the dark while exploring granny's house. The puzzles pose a significant hurdle for Alex, and his psychic threshold is bound to be tested, with the fear of the unknown looming over his mind.

The game's design uplifts the escape room gaming mechanics to the horror game premise; as Alex tries to explore his grandma's house, labyrinthine rooms, in a bid to find a way out of the house. The game's stunning visuals and audio design make it stand tall amongst big productions, although it was designed by a small team of developers.

COLINA: Legacy boasts of an intuitive combat mechanism, which helps Alex battle enemies he encounters along his journey to safety. To further add to the game's entertainment value, there are additional bits and bobs to collect as you progress through the game. The game is character-driven to the core as Alex endeavors to unravel the mystery surrounding his grandma's house.

COLINA: Legacy, a horror survival game, is sure to offer players a riveting experience, which is surely worth the effort. You can join the official Discord community or visit the official website to know more about the game or even get in touch with the developers.
Release date
Sep 09, 2019
Single player