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Cocoro Inside

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Enter people's minds to uncover their secrets in a once nostalgic now sinister town. Discover the truth, but beware the consequences.

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Discover the depths of the human psyche in this thrilling adventure game titled "Heart Dive". In this game, the main character returns to their childhood hometown after many years have passed. Meeting up with their old childhood friend, they stumble upon an app that allows them to dive into the depths of the human heart.

Inside the human heart lies the darkness, the "Mamono". Players will have to enter the hearts of the locals in order to uncover their buried secrets. But is it worth it? Players must decide whether or not to uncover the hidden truths of each individual they encounter.

Unfortunately, the hometown is now referred to as the "Vanishing City" due to a recent spate of strange occurrences. Multiple high school girls have gone missing without a trace, leaving friends and family reeling with shock. The truth about these disappearances may lie within the hearts of the local populace.

However, sometimes ignorance is bliss. Once the truth is revealed, there is no going back. Will players choose to uncover the secrets of the "Mamono" or ignore what goes on in the hearts of others? The choice is yours in this thrilling adventure.
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