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Explore, create and build your own island paradise in Coco Valley. Join in the fun with friends, events, quests, and cooking. Free to play, in-app purchases available.

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Join a world of enchantment and adventure in Coco Valley! This mystical land is full of wonder and magic, where you can travel through a portal to discover unique and breathtaking islands, each with their very own distinct environments. From lush forests to sandy beaches, you're sure to be captivated by the beauty of each island as you journey throughout the fantastical world of Coco Valley.

Create and customize your very own island paradise! With over 20 crafting workshops and more than 40 decorations to collect, you can manifest a personalized home that reflects your style and personality. Create to your heart's content and let your imagination run wild as you shape and design your very own dream sanctuary in Coco Valley.

Craft and farm with limitless possibilities! Cultivate and harvest crops ranging from fruit to herbs and craft over a hundred distinct items and equipment to enhance your farm and home. The opportunities for creation and cultivation are endless, and you're in charge of making your farm thrive. Have fun cooking up delicious cuisine in Coco Valley with a wide range of ingredients to choose from, including fresh produce and rare spices. Whether you're an experienced chef or learning to cook for the first time, Coco Valley has something for everyone.

Invite friends from different islands to come and live on your very own island paradise! Friendship and community are the cornerstones of Coco Valley, which makes it the perfect place to create lasting bonds and embark on unforgettable adventures with your new companions. As you invite friends to your island, prepare for memorable experiences such as building, crafting, farming, and simply enjoying each other's company.

Experience a world of storytelling and tales waiting to be explored in Coco Valley. Each character in this magical world has their very own unique story that you can learn about as you explore and make connections throughout the islands. With heartwarming and heart-pounding stories, there's something for everyone. You'll become drawn into the rich histories and personalities of the characters, making you feel like you’re part of their magical world.

Coco Valley offers lively events and quests all year round to keep you entertained and engaged. The Halloween event features the spooky Vampire Castle where you can uncover hidden chambers, artifacts and maybe even ghosts while solving puzzles and facing challenges to progress. On Fall Camping, cook your preferred style of turkey with a variety of recipes to try. And for Easter, don’t miss out on the Bunny King Island and make your own bunny hat to celebrate.

Download Coco Valley for free and embark on a journey of a lifetime! Prepare yourself for the ultimate adventure in a magical world where enchantment, friendship, and storytelling await you. Upgrade your experience with in-app purchases and start your Coco Valley adventure today!
Release date
Apr 20, 2023
Single player

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