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Solve the classic murder mystery in Hasbro's Clue game. Test your detective skills, play online or offline, and explore themed boards. No ads, no pay-to-win limits.

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Clue, the original Hasbro board game, is a classic murder mystery game that enables you to become a detective and unravel the mystery. In this game, you need to determine who the culprit is, what weapon was used, and the location where the murder took place. With no advertisements, pop-ups, or pay-to-win restrictions, Clue promises unlimited multiplayer fun once you buy the app.

At the start of each game, Clue deals out one suspect, one weapon, and one room from the deck to the players. If you suspect a particular character, weapon, or room, you can ask a player holding one of these cards for clarification. Your task is to explore every room in search of clues that might lead to a solution.

To aid your investigation, Clue has a cluesheet and hint system that helps you keep track of suspects, weapons, and rooms that you have eliminated. It helps in making your deductions, perfecting your strategy, and ultimately solving the mystery.

If you prefer to play a single-player game, Clue offers you the chance to test your skills against AI murder suspects online or offline. You can choose your character, opponents and pit your wits against the system. Clue also gives you the option to play online multiplayer with friends on mobile, PC, or Nintendo Switch.

If you need to host a game night, you can take advantage of Clue's local multiplayer feature. It enables you to play with people from all over the world or create a private multiplayer game to play with your friends and family. Plus, with The Ultimate Detective's Package, you get ten additional themes to explore. They include Tudor Mansion, Vampire Castle, Egyptian Adventure, Hollywood, Murder Express, Sherlock, Snowy Peaks, Tropical Mystery, Venetian Masquerade, and Wild West. These exclusive original themes are handcrafted and characterized by their stylish designs.

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Mar 10, 2017

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