GamesClone Evolution: Cyber War

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Travel to the cyberpunk world and fight against evil F-Tec with your army of clones in this immersive sci-fi IDLE RPG card game.

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Step into a futuristic cyberpunk world enriched with U.S. animated science-fiction graphics in this unique IDLE RPG game. Be prepared to command your army of clones and experience the ultimate future of science-fiction card games. Discover the conspiracy of the evil F-Tec and their dangerous biological experiments in the year 2045 taking place in South America's Atacama Desert. The strongest clones synthesized in cloning history will stand against you, and you must defeat them to dominate the evolution of your army.

This Sci-Fi Idle RPG Action Card Game features an automatic system of intelligence, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the rewards while the system trains and evolves your clones when you're away from the idle RPG game. With Gene cloning, you can explore the most comprehensive gene bank in the universe, which includes six combat attributes, weapons, and over a hundred genes of historical heroes such as Alexander and Pharaohs who can fight and do battle in the arena.

The Multi-line RPG development system in this IDLE RPG battle game allows you to equip your army of clones with chips to help you succeed in the battle against the F-Tec artificial intelligence. Immerse yourself in the endless PVE/PVP Sci-Fi idle combat and select the composition of your army wisely, evolve their skills and weapons and plan efficient battle strategies to secure victory over the F-Tec.

As you progress through the game, you can register and log in to receive colossal bonuses, take part in thrilling events and missions, and call your heroes to the ranks of your awesome F-Tec-opposing army of mutants. You can also obtain legendary techy equipment to help you in your idle Sci-Fi campaign quest.

Prepare your best fighter from your card deck, evolve them, and plan your battle strategy to strike with your mutants in the arena of this IDLE RPG. Join the ultimate duel against the F-Tec Corporation and master the evolution science to win the battle and dominate the evolution! Download Clone Evolution today and start your adventure!
Release date
Sep 15, 2017
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

Clone Evolution: Cyber War (Siber Savaş) - VIP 0 - Level - (76)Crazy Phone Games
Clone Evolution: Cyber War (Siber Savaş) - VIP 0 - Level - ( 78)Crazy Phone Games
Clone Evolution: Cyber War (Siber Savaş) - VIP 0 - Level - (76)Crazy Phone Games