Clash Quest

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Use strategy to battle bosses as you progress with shipwrecked heroes across undiscovered islands in Clash Quest. Join a clan and win battles for rewards.

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Welcome to Clash Quest, an exciting and challenging adventure and puzzle game that has been developed by the same creators of your favorite games Clash of Clans and Clash Royale! As you embark on this journey, you will discover a chain of new islands with our shipwrecked heroes where you will be tasked to battle bosses with unique puzzles. Your success will depend on your strategy as you collect, group and match your troops on the battlefield to smash defenses and defeat new bosses from the Clash universe. Unleash powerful spells like Fireball and Log to gain the upper hand in battles. Keep collecting magical runes to unlock super-sized abilities that will enhance your chances of winning. Upgrade your team with epic gear to face even bigger and tougher challenges!

In Clash Quest, you are the captain of your crew and must lead them to victory by using your tactical and strategic skills to outsmart the enemy. Avoid fire from cannons, X-Bow, and Inferno Towers while deploying different tactics such as using Wizards, Baby Dragons, and Barbarians to rage through your enemies. One important aspect of Clash Quest is the ability to team up with other captains, plan ahead, chat and take on bosses together to earn loot and progress through the islands.

The game packs extensive features that guarantee excitement and thrill as you progress. You will engage in strategy and puzzle solving by unleashing powerful attacks when you combine more troops, use spells like Fireball, Charge and Swap to gain the upper hand in battles. Equip magical runes to boost your troop's attacks, equip powerful items, update and upgrade your favorite troops and spells.

By competing in Leagues, you can earn more loot and clash your way to the top of a worldwide leaderboard. You will encounter classic Clash defenses such as Mortar, Inferno Tower, and X-Bow, and battle newly-discovered bosses like the Goblin King, Papa Dragon, Lava Golem, and more! Furthermore, you can show off your skills and see if you have what it takes to be the ultimate Clash Quest champion!

In conclusion, Clash Quest is a game that will engross you with thrilling action-packed adventures and mind-boggling puzzles. So, take up the challenge and become the ultimate captain as you lead your team to gold and adventure! Don't forget to read the Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, and Parent's Guide while you play.
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