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Clannad: Hikari Mimamoru Sakamichi de - Last Volume

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Read the spinoff to the popular romance game and anime "CLANNAD" on Android, with beautiful music, illustrations and 8 extra stories.

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CLANNAD is a popular PC romance adventure game that has received rave reviews on home game consoles and TV anime. "CLANNAD Hikari Mimamoru Sakamichi de" is a collection of 16 spin-off stories written by the four original writers who designed the game scenario, which delve into the allure of various CLANNAD characters in each episode.

This app is a "visual sound novel" that brings together the beautiful illustrations by popular illustrator "Goto P" and the beautiful music used in the original "CLANNAD" game in a dedicated book reader app that captures the moving stories of the original game.

[App Contents]

The app contains 8 episodes from "CLANNAD Hikari Mimamoru Sakamichi de," which are like the after-stories of the original game. This visual novel can be enjoyed alongside the beautiful illustrations and music using the dedicated book reader app.


Episode 1: "One Piece" (Kotomi Ichinose)

Kotomi, who has become friends with Tomoyo and Nagisa, will have them choose the clothes she will wear on her date with Tomoya.

Episode 2: "The Secret of the Charm" (Yukine Miyazawa)

Tomoya and Sunohara, who come to the reference room all the time, are always influenced by Yukine's strange charms.

Episode 3: "The Fate from Four Years Ago" (Katsuhiko Hiragi)

Katsuhiko, who has decided to fight against his illness with encouragement from Sunohara, meets someone familiar at the hospital.

Episode 4: "Memories of Two" (Misae Sagara)

Misae Sagara, the strict but gentle dorm mom, and Yūsuke Yoshino, the former rock artist. They are two people who seem to have no relationship, but their past surprises Tomoya.

Episode 5: "Memories of the Teacher" (Toshio Yukimura)

Kouko, Yuusuke, and Tomoyo, who are about to get married, visit their mentor, Toshio Yukimura, with their little sister, Fuko.

Episode 6: "The Reformation of the Furukawa Bakeries" (Tomoya Okazaki)

Tomoya and his friends are swayed by Akio's proposal to reform the Furukawa bakeries, which are temporarily supervised by Tomoya's Sunohara.

Episode 7: "Everyone at the Public Bath" (Tomoya Okazaki)

The after-story of episode 6. After finishing their baseball game, Tomoya and his team head to a local public bath to relax.

Episode 8: "The Thoughts of the Town" (Ushio Okazaki)

The final epilogue of the original game.

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