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Clan of Lions

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Help Zima the last Lion from the Zima Clan to rebuild and dominate wildlife enemies in this unique adventure-simulation game with magic elements.

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Join the adventurous journey of a young, sole surviving lion of the legendary Zima Clan in the thrilling game - Clan of Lions. In this action-packed simulator, players must assist the lion in navigating the wild safari terrain and reconstructing the clan after the catastrophic event. The game isn't a typical animal simulator, instead, it's a blend of adventure and magic that offers players a unique and exhilarating gaming experience.

In Clan of Lions, gamers enjoy a world full of magic, where they can build their clan, destroy enemies, and dominate the wild safari realm. With the help of powerful magic spells such as Fireball, Invincibility, Lightning Bolt, and Healing, players can defend against dangerous predators such as elephants, cheetahs, hyenas, and leopards. Even though the game's primary objective is to help Zima Clan regain its dominance, it presents players with an adventure of a lifetime as they build their lioness clan, construct their home, and challenge enemies.

Apart from the magic spells, the game's other outstanding features include a massive 3D open-world safari map full of unpredictable weather conditions such as thunderstorms and wind. The game allows players to battle six giant bosses and defeat four enemy clans in their quest to become the ultimate warrior clan of the safari realm. With ever-changing time of day, the game immerses players in the safari wilderness, with all its caves, mountains, and rivers, exploring different terrains and new challenges.

Intriguingly, Clan of Lions adds an extra thrill to the gaming experience with its evolving gameplay, where as players defeat the bosses, more bosses appear. The gaming experience is perfect for players with powerful devices, as the 3D graphics are very sophisticated and need a lot of processing power.

Besides the gaming tips, such as seeking advice from your spirit guide and using the mini map to navigate your way through the game, players can earn adventure points by hunting and completing tasks. These points can enhance your strength, stamina, and magic capabilities, making you a better defender and more potent attacker.

In conclusion, Clan of Lions is the ultimate animal simulation game that encompasses adventure, magic, and lots of unpredictable twists in the wild safari world. It's not surprising that Wild Foot is bringing out more games of this style, given the popularity that has followed its launch. If you're a fan of animal simulators, you'll undoubtedly love Clan of Lions.
Boris Tsarkov
Release date
Jan 09, 2016

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