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Game overview

Civ Royale is a popular turn-based strategy game with multiplayer capabilities, unique civilizations, and an emphasis on exploration, leveling up units, and conquering kingdoms.

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Are you a strategy enthusiast? If yes, Civ Royale got you covered. This game is a turn-based civilization strategy game designed to give you full control of the game map. The game enables you to control your tribe, develop your civilization, fight rival tribes, and discover new territories.

As the ruler of your tribe, your responsibility is to transform your lone clan into a force to reckon with using the game's vast resources, and special advantages to your advantage.

Civ Royale has a user-friendly interface and depth in strategic gameplay, making it a go-to choice for millions of mobile gamers worldwide.

The game is packed with loads of features that will keep you hooked. Civ Royale has unique civilizations that give you access to a variety of historical units that will help you grow your empire. You have the liberty to choose your preferred civilization, guide your empire and dominate others in the multiplayer matchmaking.

Explore and investigate the unknown world by dispatching scouts to uncover hidden treasures and locate your enemies. Civ Royale also features single and multiplayer game modes that allow you to have a solo experience or fight alongside others to conquer a vast kingdom.

The game also offers the opportunity to upgrade your units and make them more powerful after every battle by investing exclusive resource rewards. Conquer your kingdom and become a part of the storyline by mastering the art of war and domination using the 4x (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate) formula!

Civ Royale is available for offline gameplay, making it a perfect option for when you are on the move. Contact support via email at if you need assistance. Download Civ Royale now and let your strategic prowess do the talking!
Roamer Games
Release date
Mar 14, 2023
Single player


3eqpfrom Skich app
Indie devs that are active on Discord. Very promising game!...

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