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Game overview

Build and expand your city, recruit funny characters, decorate with famous landmarks, merge buildings, and specialize your strategy in this top new city builder game.

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Welcome to the latest addition to the city-building genre.
Seize the opportunity to become the proprietor of the most magnificent city out there. Construct, fortify and plan your tactics -- all under your discretion.
But don't just stop at that! Employ scores of amusing personas and incorporate them into your compendium, observing as they wander the streets and make your city come to life!

Create hundreds of unique, stunning edifices in your city and augment your tiny, tranquil town into a metropolitan hub. Don't overlook the aspect of your skyline and erect memorable landmarks, such as the famous Eiffel Tower or the Leaning Tower of Pisa, which would surely attract the tower enthusiasts and rank your city in the top destinations to visit.

Interact with and gather plenty of humorous characters each with its own inimitable personality, such as the rotund Group Leader Morecake, and the excessively virile constructor, Forest Manley (known for his eyebrow raise that's slightly too suggestive for comfort).
Build a water tower. Done! Build a fire station. Completed! Appointing Bizzies to their jobs will bestow you the opportunity to optimise your city, and there's more! Send them on errands, and they'll return with a reward, or fulfil favours for them, which would induce them to invite their buddies to your city.

Progressing to the age of ingenious utensils, self-destructing hoverboards, and even selfies! The 21st Century fulfils its promise by enabling you to merge buildings and create futuristic skyscrapers while unlocking specialisations.

Unlocking each specialisation empowers you to evolve your city and increase your collection with specialised buildings of Sustainability, Commerce, Education, and Entertainment. Choose the course that devises your strategy most beneficially.

If you are deficient in key resources, the Marketplace should be incorporated into your tactics. This is where you can gather extra money or complete missing upgrades.

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Release date
Apr 26, 2017

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