Chronus Arc

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Gather Chronus Fragments in dungeons filled with puzzles while battling monsters with weaknesses and changing classes to solve the mystery of missing teachers in Chronus Arc.

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Prepare for the rare event of Time Rewinding by acquiring the Chronus Fragments, a task that is not easy. Geppel and his gang approach Loka and Teth on their way to the Chronus Shrine and demand the Fragments. While Teth is keeping Geppel busy, Loka heads out alone to fetch reinforcements. Loka is successful in his mission, but now Teth and Geppel have disappeared. Loka and Sarna set out to find information about Teth and Geppel, leading them to embark on an epic journey. The game includes traditional quests and challenging dungeons that require puzzle-solving skills. Characters also evolve as the story progresses. Purchasing extra dungeons and special items is possible by earning CA points in the Ancient Halls of the towns.

In the dungeons, players face various obstacles like moving boxes and pots, pushing buttons or switches to trigger events, and using enemies to progress. Battles occur randomly in the field, but in dungeons, enemies must be touched for them to begin. Turn-based battles require the player to select commands, and some enemies are weaker against certain elements, granting an advantage to players who discover their weak points.

Players can change character's class at the shrine in Iatt, but certain requirements must first be met, including reaching a set level and obtaining specific items. Changing class changes a character's title, restores their level to one, but retains previously learned skills and magic. Each class change makes a character stronger, so regular changes are beneficial.

The tutorial function helps beginners solve puzzles or search for items and ensures that everyone can enjoy the game. Points earned by defeating monsters can purchase extra dungeons with tricky puzzles and items that aid in progress. This is the premium edition of Chronus Arc, free from in-game ads and additional fees. Supported languages include English and Japanese, and the game requires OS 4.4 and up.

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