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Chlea Adventure Fantasy Island

Game overview

Survive on an uninhabited island, fight monsters, solve puzzles, craft weapons and potions, and explore the dungeon in this Indonesian-made action RPG Chlea Adventure.

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Join Chlea as she embarks on a thrilling adventure on a deserted island, full of terrifying and ferocious monsters. In order to survive, Chlea must defeat all of the enemies on the island, learn to construct buildings, create weapons, and concoct potions.

There are numerous puzzles across the island that pose challenges to Chlea's exploration. In addition, there are horrifying mysteries and incredibly dangerous enemies that she must face.

Experience a simple yet exciting survival crafting adventure in this game, complete with RPG elements that include challenging enemies that block your path. Explore the map and navigate through dungeon caves to collect items that will aid you in your journey to the next area.

Chlea Adventure is a locally-made action RPG game developed by LemauDev, from Indonesia, that promises exciting gameplay and entertainment.

Please note that the game is currently in development, and feedback is appreciated. Kindly refrain from giving a one-star rating to Chlea's game. We hope you enjoy the game!
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