GamesChicken Run: Eggstraction

Chicken Run: Eggstraction

Release date: 2024

Game overview

Egg-citing Chicken Dash: Eggstract top-down heist game combines stealth and squad-based infiltration. Liberating hens and devising contraptions with comical mishaps awaits.

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Chicken Dash is a thrilling top-down heist game that is played in real time. It is a perfect combination of stealth elements and squad-based infiltration, providing players with an exciting and unique gaming experience.

In the game, players must get ready for egg-citing gameplay, where they find themselves in a diverse array of vibrant settings. The main objective of the game is to liberate hens and safely transport them back to Cluckville.

To achieve this goal, players must analyze the blueprints of the rival zones, assemble a crew with the appropriate expertise, and devise contraptions to slip into their enemy's territory. However, players must be aware that this is no easy task, and it's bound to go comically awry, because you're dealing with chickens!

The game utilizes high-quality graphics and sound effects that transport players into the world of Chicken Dash. With a range of challenging levels and missions, players must use their strategic thinking skills to outsmart their rivals and succeed in their missions.

Overall, Chicken Dash is a unique and engaging game that is sure to keep players entertained for hours. The game offers a mix of fun and challenging gameplay that is ideal for gamers of all ages. Are you ready to save the hens and become the ultimate chicken hero? Play Chicken Dash today and find out!
Netflix, Inc.
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