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Embark on an idle adventure RPG in Chest Adventure. Battle against the Void Army, customize your gear and talents, and collect over 2000 different pieces of equipment.

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Embark on a thrilling idle adventure RPG in "Chest Adventure: Idle RPG" that takes you to a dark and mysterious world, reminiscent of the popular game "Diablo." Venture on an epic quest, where you stand against the Void Army. These nefarious forces seek to spread corruption and darkness across the world. The fate of the world is in your hands; are you ready to face this challenge?

Experience an engaging RPG adventure while enjoying the best of idle gameplay. Become a hero, gather treasure hunters to your team, each with different classes and gear options like knights, mages, druids, and stalkers. Unleash your inner power with over 100 talents and skills and create a unique and formidable class by optimizing gear and talents.

Get lost in the pursuit of power by collecting over 2000 diverse pieces of gear and legendary sets. You'll progress even when idle, earning gold and unlocking chests without actively playing. The idle mode ensures that you continue your journey at all times.

Explore captivating story quests, immersive environments, and face challenging monsters on a never-ending journey. Test your grit as you conquer the formidable 4 Elemental Towers.

Chase excitement with "Chest Adventure: Idle RPG," the perfect blend of idle games and RPGs. Enter a dark and mysterious world where legendary gear and talents shine, and idle heroes rise. Download now and embark on this thrilling adventure!

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Release date
Feb 14, 2023
Single player

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