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ChessCraft: customisable chess sandbox with AI, create wacky boards/pieces, share online, play friends or 75 prebuilt boards, no ads.

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If you're a fan of chess and want to play something that's unique and different, look no further than ChessCraft! This game is a chess sandbox that comes with an AI computer opponent so you can be sure you'll never have the same game twice. You can even customise chess boards, rules, and pieces to your liking, giving you complete control over how you play.

Unlike other chess games on the market, ChessCraft lets you create wacky boards and pieces that you can immediately play with a decent computer opponent. You can create new pieces with any combination of the eight bishop or rook slides, and even a 7x7 grid of knight-like hops for a completely different playing experience. Not only that, but you can also enhance or restrict nearby pieces so you can play with a whole new set of rules.

With ChessCraft, you can even create new boards with any enabled or disabled tile up to 16x16, so you can really challenge yourself with your new chess creations. You can also place promotion rules for any piece, anywhere, as well as tile rules like witch windows, sanctuaries, and more. The computer AI opponent then uses concepts from computer science and graph theory to understand your creations and play against you, providing a challenging and exciting gaming experience.

If you create a board that you're particularly proud of, you can share it with your friends and they can play the AI too. Sharing creates a new web page just for you, which is perfect for showing off your chess creations. You can even visit the website and send feedback or questions, and if you like the game, be sure to rate it!

ChessCraft is completely free with no ads, except for an occasional popup asking you to become a ChessCraft Patron. If you do decide to become a patron, you won't see any more interruptions. If you're a teacher, student, or can't afford ChessCraft Patron, you can send the developer an email and they'll send you a special code. So what are you waiting for? Give ChessCraft a try today and start creating!
Frame of Mind
Release date
Feb 23, 2019
Single player


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